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WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine,
a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
- Health Canada

Warranty Policy

30-day Guarantee

Steeped Monkey Brains has a 30-day warranty that begins the day the items are delivered. The Customer assumes all cost in shipping items back to Steeped Monkey Brains, and Steeped Monkey Brains will assume all cost in shipping the item back to the customer. Unfortunately, we can not refund or give a credit for any shipping costs the customer incurs.

If your item is defective straight out of the box, Steeped Monkey Brains will pay for the shipping to return the unit to us. This is void 72 HOURS after the DELIVERY of your item per Canada Post's tracking system. 

What is NOT covered by our warranty?

  • E-liquids, Tanks, Rebuildable products, disposable vapes, batteries, chargers, drip tips, coils, or any other accessories on the device itself are NOT covered.
  • Loss of function or damage as a result of a drop or other abuse.
  • Loss of function or damage as a result of usage outside of recommended operating instructions (See product manual).
  • Loss of function or damage caused by improper use. This includes, but is not limited to water damage, juice damage, accidental spillage, fire/heat damage, etc.
  • Loss of function or damage caused due to unauthorized repair or tampering with the internal components.
  • Modifying a product in any way automatically voids the warranty.
  • Leaky tanks are not covered under warranty, nor are damages incurred due to leaky tanks/pods.
  • Loss of function or damage due to missing components.
  • Stripped or damaged threads or a crooked 510 connection (Tank does not sit flush).
  • Cosmetic issues such as damage to the finish like scratches, chips, or dents.
  • Rattling or sticky buttons.
  • Defects caused by normal wear and tear including those caused by the normal ageing of the product.
A small percentage of new products ship with minor flaws like a misaligned screen or other minor cosmetic issues. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable and unless a device is defective (does not function out of the box), we will not accept returns for such issues.

What IS covered by our Warranty?
  • Display screen issues.
  • Charging port issues.
  • Battery issues (turning off when firing, not holding a charge, etc.) for devices with internal batteries.
  • Product auto firing.
  • Internal chip malfunctions.

In order for your warranty to remain active, it is the responsibility of the customer to retain all original packaging as well as the original receipt*. We require the original box and sleeve containing the UPC and Serial Number. If you do not have your original packing and receipt material then your warranty is void.

*For online customers, we require your order number as the "receipt"

Extended Warranty Program

Steeped Monkey Brains offers an Extended 120-day Warranty program on select items like Starter Kits and MODS. Our 120-day Extended Warranty extends the existing 30-day warranty that comes with your purchase by an additional 90 days. There is a one-time price to extend your warranty for only $5.99.

An Extended Warranty can be added to your purchase by adding it to your shopping cart at the time of purchase. If you attempt to purchase an extended warranty on an ineligible product we will refund you and cancel the extended warranty.

Extended Warranties must be purchased with the unit. We do not offer retroactively extended warranties. 

Your Extended Warranty can only be used once. If you would like additional protection on your replacement product than you will need to purchase an additional Extended Warranty.

The extended warranty does not alter what is covered by the original 30-day warranty. See our 30-day Guarantee for full details about what is and is not covered by our warranty program.