Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Vapor North

One of Canada's favourites whether in candy, drink, or now even vapor form! Black Cherry is a flavour that immediately delivers, stimulating your taste buds with a melody of both sweet and sour. Like biting into the delicious garnish on a Shirley Temple, or the first sip of a Cherry Fizz, Black Cherry has a bold satisfying flavour. A sweet intake that mixes into a hint of sour, with an exhale that blends them together into a single delicious experience.

  • 50/50 VG/PG

$21.95 (Worth Vape Points)
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Premium Canadian Made Eliquid
They believe that vaping should be a unique and defining experience. That flavours should stretch the imagination and taste buds to new limits. That a perfect vape should rekindle old memories, relax your mind, or take you on a journey.

Made in America.

Which nicotine strength should I choose?

0mg: For non-smokers wanting to vape, or ex-smokers who still enjoy the habbit.
3mg: Commonly used by "drippers" using a RDA/RDTA, or by users of "sub-Ohm" tanks.
6mg: A good starting option for those who are currently moderate/light smokers.
12mg-18mg: Heavy smoker in excess of a pack a day or more.

What does HighVG and MaxVG mean?

All ejuices are made of 3 ingredients:
Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and Natural/Artificial Flavours.

  • VG is a thick, heavy, and sweet-tasting liquid. It gives your ejuice a very pleasant sweet flavour, and creates large amounts of vapor. It also creates an incredibly smooth throat hit.
  • PG by comparison, is very thin, but even sweeter than VG. PG is known to produce a great throat hit. PG is a flavour carrier whose main job is to suspend flavours helping produce tastier ejuices.

An ejuice labelled as High VG will typically contain at least 70% VG content and those labelled MaxVG contain the maximum amount of VG possible.

Since ejuices labelled HighVG/MaxVG are much thicker than typical ejuice we highly recommend you vape them with a sub-ohm rated tank or an RDA/RBA for maximum enjoyment.


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