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Herb-e Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Looking for the best portable around? Herb-E dry herb vaporizer is sleek and discreet in design to offer the portability you need to vape herbs where you want. Functionality is essential, and with simple controls, aerospace aluminum chamber and metal body wrapped in carbon fiber, this micro vape pen is all you'll need to enjoy your herbs.

The Herb-E is a small dry herb vaporizer, but users doubts will be quickly put to rest once they fire it up. The Herb-E does not contain a river of features and does not need them. It does what they designed it to do. The simple dual modes are the only two features that come with the device. Users can identify which mode they are in by the two LED lights on the front side of the Herb-E.


YELLOW “HAPPY” MODE – The Herb-E has two modes. The first is the yellow mode which they call the happy mode. This first mode takes about 15 flashes of the LEDs to warm up too. Once the yellow light becomes solid, the user is ready to vape. On this mode, the temperatures inside the chamber are not high enough to combust the herb. Thus, the user only gets vapor.
RED “ANGRY” MODE – The second mode the device offers is an angry red mode. This mode can be accessed by holding the button down for 5 seconds, which should turn the lights from yellow to red. This mode is the hottest mode and will give the user the most vapor, but at a higher temperature


Herb-E is quite light and feels good in the hand. The quality of metal wrapped in carbon fiber stands out and makes the experience of holding it premium. Mentioning the carbon fiber again, it acts as an insulator keeping the heat in and preventing hands from becoming too hot.

Some other points to mention are when holding the device in hand the user may notice the way they hold it will change from other larger devices.


The performance of the device is about what a vaper would expect. Waiting the 15 seconds for the device to heat up into yellow mode is fine. The yellow mode gets the user a great vape without combusting the herbs.

When switching into the angry red mode, it is advised to vape a little bit slower to give it the time to heat up and vaporize the materials. Overall, the performance of the device is on par with what one expects from something this size.


The Herb-E is a great addition to the ultra-portable dry herb vape pens out there. The price is right, and the performance is there. The area this device shines at the most: simplicity and style. If you are looking for something quick and portable this device is a great choice. It may not produce the largest clouds, but it does offer the most power around in the world of vape pens. This just goes to show, vaporizers do not have to be overpriced to get the job done. Good things come in small, cheap packages in this particular case.