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WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine,
a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
- Health Canada

Ghost Disposable Vape

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Version: MEGA
Flavour: Green Apple Ice
Strength: 20mg
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Vape Excise Tax

* WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF PRE-TAXED STOCK QUICKLY. Many top sellers are already out-of-stock and are awaiting a shipment of taxed bottles. Expect to see taxed liquids hitting our shelves early/mid December.

Vaping products containing nicotine will now be taxed in Canada as of October 1st, 2022.
+ Eliquids produced/imported BEFORE Oct 1st will not be taxed.
+ Eliquids produced/imported AFTER Oct 1st will include the new tax.
As old stock sells through, new stock will reflect the new price with tax. On January 1st, 2023 ALL eliquids will be taxed.This is your last chance to Stock up and save!

Click here for more details about the Canada Vape Tax.

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Child Resistant Compliant

Ghost Disposable Vape

The GHOST is a single-use vaping device that comes pre-filled with amazing flavours. No more charging or re-filling tanks or pods. Vaping made convenient with breath drawn activation.

Ghost MEGA uses a closed cartridge (sealed liquid) system. The slim body and disposable cartridge design make it one of the best vaping products on the market.

  • MEGA
    • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
    • Puffs: Up to 3000
    • E-Liquid Capacity: 9mL
    • Nicotine Strength: 20mg
    • Meshed Coil

+ Apple Peach Ice: A combination of ripe apples and plump peaches, flash frozen to excellence.

+ Blue Razz: Powerful blue raspberries concentrated down into pure sweetness.

+ Green Apple Ice: A Steeped favorite, iced ripe green apples!

+ Peach Ice: Sliced golden peaches over ice.

+ Prism Ice: Pour yourself a chilled glass of rainbow punch.

+ Strawberry Kiwi Ice: Frozen sweet strawberries and ripe kiwis.

+ Strawberry Banana: Fan favorite bananas mixed with vine ripe strawberries.

+ Strawberry Watermelon: Watermelon meets strawberry in a delicate mixture of sweet and juicy. 

*1x per pack

  •  MAX
    • Battery Capacity : 1050mAh
    • Vape Puffs : 2000
    • E-Liquid Capacity : 6mL
    • Nicotine Strength : 20mg
    • Adjustable Airflow

    *1x per pack.

    **Using your GHOST Disposable vape in sub-zero temperatures, leaving it in a cold environment without letting it return to room temperature before using, or continuously vaping without a "cool down" period between puffs will severely impact the lifespan of your disposable unit. Steeped Monkey Brains does not guarantee how long or how many puffs each vape will consistently produce as each vape's lifespan will vary. Steeped Monkey Brains does not offer refunds on these products.

    What is Nic Salt?

    Nicotine Salt, also known as Nic Salt is a new type of nicotine being used by many companies instead of the original Regular nicotine (also known as "freebase") that has been standard in the industry. Nic Salt is the natural state of nicotine found in the tobacco leaf. It enters the body differently than the industry standard nicotine most vapers are used to.

    Nic Salts are able to provide vapers a heavier nicotine blood absorption rate, which is similar to how nicotine from cigarettes enters your bloodstream. Much like with the traditional tobacco use, users who utilize Nic Salts will feel more satisfied with a few short pulls out of a high-ohm, low wattage device, as opposed to the standard sub-ohm devices. Nic Salts are able to enter your bloodstream faster and sustain your nicotine fix longer than Regular nicotine. Think of it as going for your "smoke break" with your device, as opposed to using your sub-ohm device heavily throughout the day. New users often find it hard to know when they're "done" vaping as, unlike a cigarette, there is no beginning, middle, or end of a vape session. You often vape until you feel satisfied with the nicotine intake into your system. With Nic Salts, you'll find that you're vaping less, but still getting your nicotine fix.

    With Nic Salts, users will not need to be using their devices constantly to reach their preferred nicotine blood absorption rate, as the high concentration of nicotine in the Nic Salt e-liquids is designed to give users a more complete, enriched, and faster method of nicotine delivery. Nic Salt may come in much higher concentrations of nicotine than the Regular industry standard nicotine, but it's been developed to be a smoother experience (due to its use in high-ohm, low-wattage devices) to help ease the transition between smoking and vaping, while still delivering the "throat hit" that a new vaper might expect.

    We recommend the following conversions for new vapers:
    + If you smoke less than half a pack of cigarettes a day, we recommend 10mg strengths.
    + If you smoke half a pack or more of cigarettes a day, we recommend 20mg strengths.
    **PLEASE NOTE: These are recommendations only, and individual experiences and preferences will vary.**

    Nic Salts is MOST recommended for heavy smokers (a pack or more a day) who are looking to get into vaping for the first time. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of the first purchase of your new vape, as you'll be able to get the satisfaction you're craving, without having to vape at higher wattages or use higher concentrations of Regular nicotine. Nic Salts are for use in HIGH-OHM, LOW-WATTAGE DEVICES, and is NOT recommended to be put into a sub-ohm device AT ALL, as the concentrations of nicotine are high enough to cause a nicotine overdose. Please do your due diligence when making your purchase to ensure that the device you are getting is compatible with Nic Salt delivery.

    We recommend units that utilize coils at 1.8 ohms and up to 30 watts of power:
    UWELL Caliburn G2 Kit

    We also offer options for pre-filled pod devices. With these devices, there's no extra coils, bottles, or batteries. Just simply plug your pre-filled pod into your unit and go.

    **STLTH pod only available in the strength of 2.0% (20mg)**

    For even more information about Nic Salts please click here.

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