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What is Steeped Monkey Brains?

What's with the name? Ever notice how every vape shop has vape wedged some place in the name. We wanted to be different. It's a name that's fun and reflects our positive goofy attitude. We're serious about vaping, but we want you to relax and enjoy yourself. No stress, no high pressure sales, just good service with a smile.

We started in 2014, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, founded on the idea of bringing only the best quality eliquids to our part of Canada. Up until then, most local shops only sold low quality flavours they mixed in their back rooms with no quality control, bad flavours, and harsh nicotine. Our mission is to sell only the highest quality, lab tested, flavour rich eliquids from across Canada and the World. It's important to us that your online shopping experience is clean, simple, and secure.

On top of our incredible selection of Hardware and Eliquids we want your shopping experience to be as simple as possible. We offer Free Shipping all across Canada on most orders! Yes, 100% Free Shipping in Canada. If you place your order before 1pm MST Monday to Friday, your order will ship out same-day.

Choose from 200+ flavours made by over 50 different brands. Free Shipping. Find your new ADV at Steeped Monkey Brains.

Happy shopping; happy vaping.