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BLACK FRIDAY SALE NOW ON! 🔥🛒 Shop early to avoid popular products selling out! Checkout fast! 🏃
Zeus Arc GT : Let's Talk

Zeus Arc GT : Let's Talk

We know there's a lot of options to choose from when you're picking out your new herbal vaporizer. Today we'll be looking at the Zeus Arc GT. The Zeus Arc comes in two different models, the standard Zeus Arc and the Zeus Arc GT, that we will be focusing on. The main difference between them might surprise you, so keep reading to find out how innovation takes a golden turn.

There's a lot of features to explore with the Zeus Arc GT, specifically when relating to functionality and construction, which adds a lot to the overall experience when using this device. A run-down of the basic features reveals a 3500 mAh battery, offering 90-minutes of battery life or 6-8 sessions per charge. The battery also has an automatic 10-minute shut-off counter, to help conserve battery life. To turn the device on or off is a simple press and hold of the ON/OFF button. As with other units, the Zeus Arc GT uses LED lights to indicate the temperature setting the user sets it to. The device's LEDs will blink while heating, and turn solid once the unit is ready for use. The device also provides haptic feedback, meaning that when the device is ready to go it will also vibrate on top of having its lights change from blinking LED display to a solid green display. The 0.3-gram chamber capacity is a standard size for most vaporizers, offering multiple uses out of a single chamber of product.

Now, the Zeus Arc GT uses temperature “cycles” instead of settings which sounds gimmicky, but let us explain. The GT utilizes it's single button operation to switch between the temperature cycles, a simple tap of the ON/OFF button will put you into the next cycle of temperature settings. The GT was designed with the everyday user in mind, which plays into its temperature “cycles”. The lowest cycle (Cycle 1) is your morning cycle, offering cooler vapour to start your day off with at 212°C/413°F. Cycle 2 is for average use at 221°C/429°F and fits with most users needs, while the 3rd cycle is designed to help the user end their night off at 225°C/437°F. With this design in mind, the Arc GT makes it easy for new users to know where and when they're temperature settings should be changed or when it might be time to change the temperature cycle when reusing already heated product. You can expect a couple of sessions per chamber when using the temperature cycles as recommended.

As we mentioned earlier, the Arc GT provides haptic feedback in the form of vibrating when ready to be used. Another feature of the Arc GT is its innovative accelerometer. The GT KNOWS when it's being used due to this feature. If no draws are detected after 30 seconds of inactivity, the Zeus Arc GT will begin to enter a “power-down” mode to conserve both product and battery life. No more worrying about putting down your vaporizer and forgetting it's turned on, which greatly decreases wasted product. The accelerometer is also responsible for the “shake-and-check” battery feature, which allows you to see your remaining battery life by shaking the unit. The battery life indicator is located on the bottom of the unit, next to the USB port. Conveniently, there's also a magnetized tool that comes with the Arc GT that fits into the unit at the bottom near the USB port. When being charged, the same tool can be magnetized to the mouthpiece/cap of the unit to help prevent it from being lost.

So, what's the main difference between the Zeus Arc and the Zeus Arc GT?


No, literally, gold is the difference; the heating chamber, heat sink, and vapour path are all gold plated. The GT in the name stands for Gold Technology. Gold is a conductive material, which helps with the Zeus Arc GT's conduction oven by maintaining temperature throughout the unit. Conduction normally works from the bottom up, but the gold plating in the heating chamber removes the bottom-up functionality of a regular conduction oven. The gold heat sink and vapour path help pull heat away from the vapour before reaching the user's lips, while the gold heating chamber heats the product evenly while producing more vapour than it's stainless steel counterparts. In short, whether you're using the Arc GT on it's lowest cycle or highest, you can expect a cooler, tastier, and more condensed vape experience. In fact, much like the Utillian 722, this unit is discreet in every way but vapour production.

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