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WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine,
a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
- Health Canada
Canada Vape Tax

Vaping Excise Tax Coming October 1st

An important change regarding vaping in Canada has been announced. The federal government has announced an excise tax to vape products. Vaping products containing nicotine will now be taxed and require federal excise-duty stamps to be legally manufactured and sold in Canada. The excise tax will begin on OCTOBER 1ST, 2022.

Canada Vape Tax

What does this mean?

The excise-duty stamp is similar to the stamps you can find on other tobacco products, as well as cannabis products. Any E-liquid or pre-filled pod, including disposable vapes, missing this stamp will be considered illegal. Manufacturers continuing to produce contraband vaping products will face federal consequences.

The new introduced tax will work on a per millilitre basis, and will add an average cost of $7 per 30mL, $10 per 60mL, and $16 per 120mL bottle of e-liquid. This tax will effect both bottled and pre-filled pod E-liquids, including disposable vapes. 

Cost of new tax.

This act comes into effect on OCTOBER 1ST, 2022. As of OCTOBER 1ST, 2022 all manufacturers must begin stamping and charging excise tax on their products. We strongly suggest stocking up on your favourite E-liquids now to save yourself money in the future.

We will be able to continue selling NON-STAMPED products until JANUARY 1st, 2023, while quantities last.

We know this may be frustrating news, with other life costs rising, many people may think it’s cheaper to return to traditional smoking. Excise-duty is a tax smokers already pay on cigarettes and other tobacco products. It is NOT cheaper to return to traditional smoking. Excise-duty taxes will ONLY affect the products containing nicotine (bottled E-liquids, disposable vapes, and pre-filled pods) and will not be charged on hardware, such as units and replacement coils.

Many reputable brands and manufacturers have already procured their stamps to continue producing the E-juices you love.

Vaping products will now be taxed at a higher rate, a cost which is unavoidable to all manufacturers and retailers in Canada.

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