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The Utillian 722 : Let's Talk

The Utillian 722 : Let's Talk

The Utillian 722 is an upgraded design to the popular Utillian 721. While adding some features, Utillian managed to keep the baseline design of the unit to its core ease-of-use feature. Today, we'll be looking at the features and description of the Utillian 722 and what makes it one of the better “budget” herbal vaporizers on the market today.

The Utillian 722 can be used with dry-herb products, as well as concentrate products by using a removable canister that drops into the heating element, making the Utillian 722 and all-in-one herb vaporizing product. While many herbal vaporizers offer this option, the Utillian 722 is one of the few that comes WITH the concentrate canister, which adds value to the unit as a whole.

There's a lot of herbal vaporizers on the market, and at the core, user preference and friendliness is always the key aspect when choosing a vaporizer. Simply put, you don't want a vaporizer that requires a huge learning curve to use it. The Utillian 722 helps with that by using a very simple on/off and temperature setting design. There's one button, total, on this unit. It's as simple as it gets. To turn the unit on or off, simply click the ON/OFF button 5 times, and to switch between temperature settings, press the same button 2 times. To activate the BOOST mode on the Utillian 722, press and hold the single button until the unit's LED lights begin to flash (more on this below)! It's that easy getting started with the Utillian 722.

The 2300 mAh battery offers long-lasting battery life (12 sessions per charge on average), and the USB charge port makes the Utillian 722 a breeze to charge and use on the go for active individuals who may enjoy their products away from home. The battery life indicator is situated next to the USB charge port, which makes keeping an eye on your battery life a little inconvenient, with the standard charge LED lights showing green for a full charge, yellow for half, and red for 10% battery life left.

The Utillian 722 also has an automatic shut-off after 5 minutes, which helps conserve that battery life. On top of having great battery life, the Utillian 722 can reach it's set temperatures in 30 seconds, making it one of the fastest heating vaporizers on the market, boasting a full 30 seconds less than the Storkz and Bickels Crafty vaporizer.

The convection heating chamber is constructed from stainless steel with a 0.3-gram capacity, which compliments the overall design of the unit. Convection ovens are fast becoming the standard in vaporizing heating chambers, as the convection heating process helps to ensure a consistent and even vaporization of your product over the conduction method. The Utillian 722 is available in 2 colours: the black version with a rubberized finish, and a gunmetal gray, which is NOT rubberized and shows off the solid aluminum body.

One of the main design changes between the Utillian 721 and 722 is the increased airflow with the 722. Convection ovens use an intermediate medium to heat substances, in this case, heated air drawn through the oven heats the product. Airflow is therefore responsible for the amount of vapour produced, as well as contributing to smoother draws. A larger airflow produces more vapour as well as reduces the harshness of the inhaled product. More importantly, this means that while some older models might require you to draw on the mouthpiece for upwards of 10 seconds for optimal vapour production, the Utillian 722 offers great flavour and production off of a 5-7 second draw.

Do not over-pack your oven on this unit (or any other unit) as over-packing can reduce the airflow capacity of your vaporizer, leading to decreased functionality. Your oven should be loosely packed, and easy to empty.

Another design change is a higher temperature cap for its 4 temperature settings, and an added “Boost” feature that increases the max temperature to 225°C/437°F (simply press and hold the on/off button until the LED lights flash red to enter BOOST mode). With LED lights denoting the current temperature settings, users can choose between the:

-Green/Low setting (180°C/356°F)

-Blue/Mid setting (190°C/374°F)

-Purple/High setting (200°C/392°F)

-Red/Max setting (210°C/410°F)

These pre-set settings make using the Utillian 722 incredibly easy, as you no longer have to worry about setting your own temperatures, and users can easily switch between modes to offer the often tastier, cooler vapour experienced on the green and blue settings, to the high vapour output off the purple/red temperatures, while the BOOST mode offers that extra punch when your session is over. While using concentrates, Utillian recommends setting your unit to the Max setting, and using BOOST, to experience your product to the fullest. While the Utillian's 722 size makes it easy to slip into your pocket/purse, discreetness is not guaranteed while using the Utillian 722 as at it's two highest levels, as there is a fair amount of vapour produced from both dry-herb and concentrate products.

While it's price point makes the Utillian 722 a “budget” vaporizer, it does not take away from any functionality or user-friendliness. In short, the Utillian out-performs many established vaporizers on the market currently, while still being affordable, convenient, and easy to use.

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