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Uwell Caliburn Lineup

Uwell Caliburn: Let's Talk!

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Today we're gonna be chatting about the Uwell Caliburn, and what makes it so unique in comparison to some of the other POD units on the market.

Since being released in Canada, the Uwell Caliburn has fast become one of the top-rated POD devices available today, increasing in popularity in areas like Toronto and Nova Scotia (we see you, and we love you guys!) to out here in Edmonton and beyond to Vancouver. Whether you're a freebase nicotine user or a salt nic user, an office worker or trades-person, a chain vaper used to mech-mods or just starting out: the Caliburn can perform.

One of the biggest draws to the Caliburn is its compact size. Think closed pod devices (like the Juul or STLTH) but without being tied down to their particular flavors. The pod size for the Caliburn is 2mL making it VASTLY larger than the Juul pods (0.7mL), and again: you decide what goes in your pod, opening you up to a whole world of flavor. No one likes being told what to vape, and the Caliburn certainly doesn't tie you down. In size, the Caliburn is a slimmer, longer unit in comparison to other, more boxy units, coming in at only 11cm in height. So roughly the size of your hand (from palm to the first knuckle). Coming in a wide variety of colours (have you seen the blue and iris-purple?!) makes this unit easy to find in your purse or car—which really does have its benefits, let's be real here. Being a little on the smaller side does mean some concessions were made when it comes down to internal-battery size (520mAh), so if you're a chain vaper I would recommend a unit with a larger battery (consider the SMOK Nord (1100mAh) or Aspire Breeze NXT (1000mAh) instead). The Uwell Caliburn is charged via a micro-USB port located on the bottom of the unit.

The pods for the unit are sold in packs of 4, and across the board from different flavor and style users, they've been a resounding success, with many individuals getting well over 7 days of usability before noticing any decline in flavor. The pods are a 1.4-ohm top-filled pod with a removable drip-tip as a filling mechanism. Simply pull the top of the pod off to refill your unit on the go, you don't even have to take the pod off the battery to fill it. The Caliburn has both an automatic draw-fired activation as well as a push-button activation—in the event that the auto-draw ceases to function, so your unit is still usable. Unlike other units, the Caliburn uses a magnetic connection between the pod and unit to ensure connection-consistency. As with any unit and its coils, however, please keep in mind that individual use and subjective sweetener-content of e-liquids does play a huge factor in any device. If you're using a super sweet flavor all day every day, there's no guarantee your results will be the same. So as usual: individual coil life can vary.

Being one of Uwell's first pod devices, the Uwell Caliburn certainly has made its mark and established that Uwell should be known for more than just their every popular Crown and Valyrian tank series. Uwell has always released products that are consistent, user-friendly, and easy and it's awesome to know they're sticking to those values with their pod devices as well. Friendly as a starter unit and surprising as a new go-to pod device; regardless of what you're looking for, the Caliburn doesn't make you settle for less.


  • Small in size
  • Large Pod-to-Unit Size
  • Long Pod Life
  • Refillable Pods!
  • Performs with Salt Nic and Freebase E-liquid


  • 1x Caliburn Portable System Kit
  • 2x Caliburn Pod Cartridge (1 x pre-installed)
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x User’s Manual
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