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Vape Shops have been listed as "Essential Services"
Our Edmonton Shop is still OPEN and Shipping
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The Legacy : Steeped Talks!

Steeped Monkey Brains Does Not Endorse This Product. This Page is for educational purposes only.

Well 2020 is coming, and you may have noticed we've brought back some classic flavours to kick off Fall/Winter for 2019.

Cosmic Fog, One Hit Wonder (OHW), and Golden Ticket are all flavours we carried in the years previous if you've been shopping with us for a long time. Lately, we've gotten a lot of questions regarding why we decided to bring these particular juices back in rather than going for something new. We scratched our heads for a while on how to properly answer this question. At the end of the day, we like carrying flavours that we enjoy, but more importantly, that the end-users enjoy. Some individuals want tobacco flavours, some want baked goods, while others prefer desserts or menthol. Everyone is different, but: there's something to be said for consistency.

We opened our proverbial doors in 2014 with the mission of specifically providing the best of the best in terms of quality e-liquid. Anyone can mix some strawberry and kiwi flavours together and market it as the best new-new in the game, but it takes a true flavour-crafter to make a juice that keeps many individuals coming back to it time and time again. We're not going to talk about specific flavours today. Instead, we're going to focus on the brands, and why we're so excited to have access to some of their flavours again.

When we opened in 2014, our access to quality e-liquids was limited. This was back in the day when finding a straight, decent, strawberry-flavoured e-liquid was an accomplishment. That was the whole reason we started! We were sick of getting mediocre flavours here locally and having to pay exorbitant costs to bring in premium juices. There once was a time when not every liquid was considered “premium”. Premium used to mean flavours with more than one flavour combination, made in a lab, with bottles, labels and production quality that was above and beyond the typical juices available locally. We started with roughly 5 brands: Suicide Bunny, Cosmic Fog, Twelve Monkeys, Vapor North, and Sovereign. As you can see, some of these brands have been consistent over the years (Twelve Monkeys, looking at you!) and that's awesome! They've created a product many individuals around the globe trust, respect, and enjoy. Plus, they're Canadian, so you know: Go Canada! Others were not so lucky, and their flavours eventually died in popularity or were overshadowed by new and better flavours.

So, since they were in the first five category, let's talk a second about Cosmic Fog. The really cool thing about Cosmic Fog is their dedication to flavour crafting. Like we mentioned previously: anyone can slap some flavours together and call it the next-best, but not Cosmic Fog. They take, on average, 7-10 months to craft new flavours according to their websites “About” section. That's 7-10 months developing, testing, and tweaking a new flavour to make sure that it fits the exact palette feel their looking for. These are not straight strawberry flavours. Their most notable creations being Milk and Honey (which was greatly missed by customers across Alberta, and Western Canada) and Kryptonite (this author personal favourite).

Moving on, there's One Hit Wonder (OHW). Now, OHW they were game-changers back in the day. We had been carrying OHW since their initial release of MFN Man back in spring 2015. They were one of the first companies to offer their flavours in larger sizes for everyday customers—specifically, they basically pioneered the 180mL bottles, which kinda forced everyone else to start offering their flavours in larger bottles, which kind-of-sort-of-unintentionally led to the standard 60mL format. Not only were their flavours offered in larger bottles for a substantially better price, but their flavours were GOOD. OHW has a straight-strawberry flavour (The Man) and it is one of the most requested strawberry flavours out there. The MFN Man was an instantaneous slam-dunk for a lot of individuals who preferred baked goods flavours, and since then, OHW has remained a top-name in the industry for flavour creations.

Lastly, Met4's Golden Ticket. You know where the name comes from, and it lives up to the expectation. It's very rare to see a company release one flavour and have that flavour be a most-requested, best-selling flavour but Met4 did it. There were no coat-tail riding's for Golden Ticket, it was a stand-alone flavour, and for a very long time, Met4 didn't release any other flavours and simply just had their Golden Ticket. Again, the name rings true. The company that makes Golden Ticket has been around since 2012, and it took them until 2015 to release Golden Ticket, after which it became a popular name among long-time vapers.

You know when you go into a supermarket and you walk down the cereal aisle, there's a lot of options to choose from. Yellow label, no-name, and offshoot brands. We see them all the time in a variety of settings (frozen food, pizza, clothing, purses, electronics, etc). But, most people buy tried, tested and true products. That's why Cheerio's has 10 different flavours, but every store still carries the original and honey-nut version. It's why Gain has 12 different laundry detergent smells, but everyone still stocks the original. It's why Nokia and LG exist, but Samsung and Apple consistently outsell them. Tried, tested, and true products with consistency and legacy behind them always stand out from the pack. We're not saying, “never try anything new”, which is why if you're looking to take a chance look no further than these legacy products!

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