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Steeped Talks Vapes

  • Zeus Arc GT : Let's Talk

    Zeus Arc GT : Let's Talk

    Today we'll be looking at the Zeus Arc GT. The Zeus Arc comes in two different models, the standard Zeus Arc and the Zeus Arc GT, that we will be focusing on. The main difference between them might surprise you, so keep reading to find out how innovation takes a golden turn.
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  • The Utillian 722 : Let's Talk

    The Utillian 722 : Let's Talk

    The Utillian 722 is an upgraded design to the popular Utillian 721. While adding some features, Utillian managed to keep the baseline design of the unit to its core ease-of-use feature.

    While it's price point makes the Utillian 722 a “budget” vaporizer, it does not take away from any functionality or user-friendliness. In short, the Utillian out-performs many established vaporizers on the market currently, while still being affordable, convenient, and easy to use.

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  • SMOK RPM40 Advert

    The SMOK RPM40 : Let's Talk

    Today we'll be taking a look at SMOK's newest pod device: the RPM40. The SMOK RPM40 is a ground-breaking unit for SMOK. Coil cross-compatibility with the NORD means that they've built off their last incredibly successful unit and made it even better; however, that's not the only thing that makes the RPM super special. The RPM40 has a variable wattage of—you guessed it—1-40W of power!
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  • Steeped Talks Vapes

    Closed-Pod Devices, Open-Pod Devices, and MODS: Let's Talk

    Today we're going to be exploring closed pod devices (Juul, Vype, Phix, STLTH, etc) and what makes them different from other units (Open Pod Devices, MODS, Variable Wattage, Ohm levels, all that fun stuff)!

    What is a Closed-Pod Device? Well, a CPD is a device that primarily is a closed system in the sense that it's an all-in-one unit. 

    What's an Open-Pod Device (OPD)? An OPD, first of all, is open. You control what e-liquid goes into the pod, which opens you up to a whole variety of liquids.

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