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The SMOK RPM40 : Let's Talk

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Today we'll be taking a look at SMOK's newest pod device: the RPM40.

Firstly, we are so happy we were lucky enough to be able to get a few of these right when they were released. Since landing in Canada, they've been incredibly popular, and we're so lucky to be able to test these beauties out first-hand here in Edmonton.

The SMOK RPM40 is a ground-breaking unit for SMOK. Coil cross-compatibility with the NORD means that they've built off their last incredibly successful unit and made it even better; however, that's not the only thing that makes the RPM40 super special. This is one of the first mainstream variable wattage pod devices available. While they've existed to a degree in the past, this is the first user-friendly (in functionality and price), variable wattage pod device available here in Canada. This is a huge step-forward for pod devices, as they've typically been very lax and sub-par in their functionality. That doesn't mean other pod devices aren't as good, they just don't offer the control that the RPM40 does. While lacking adjustable airflow, the RPM40 makes up for it with a large drip tip combined with their air intake slot located on the side of the unit. This makes for a lot of airflow, and helps with the vapour production, for users looking for a device that's smaller and works well with their regular freebase nicotine.

The RPM40 has a variable wattage of—you guessed it—1-40W of power. Variable wattage, for users who might be only familiar with set wattage devices, gives you control over the amount of power being given to the coil. This means if you want more vapor you can turn the wattage up, and if you want less you can turn the wattage down. For some users who may have switched from variable wattage MODS to pod devices, this feature combines the best of both worlds. A very frequent observation was that a lot of users wished they had more control with their pod devices, and the RPM40 really answered that call. The wattage is controlled via the up-and-down buttons located under the screen on the device. Furthermore, since the unit has variable wattage, it also comes with a larger internal battery than most pod devices. 1500MAh of power gives the RPM40 more battery life in comparison to a lot of the devices on the market that usually hover between 650mAh-1100mAh. The RPM is charged via micro-USB on the bottom of the device.

Now, we've already touched on it, BUT: did we mention that the RPM40 is cross-compatible with NORD coils? Erm, excuse me, what?! That's awesome! That means if you have a NORD already, and you love it, then there's really no reason not to take a look at the RPM40. All the coils you might already have; they'll work with it! On top of that, the RPM40 also has its own, specialty RPM coils. Wait, so how does that work? Well, the RPM comes with two separate pods: the RPM pod and the redesigned NORD pod, and each pod works with its respective coils. So either way, you're winning, as it is sold with both options, you don't need to spend more money to make the unit cross-compatible. How do you know which pod is which? Well, they have different coloured filling plugs that are marked with “RPM” or “NORD” respectively. Both pods are roughly the same size, however, the coil size is different, so while using the RPM coils in the RPM pod, you have 4.3mL of e-liquid capacity, and while using the NORD coils in the NORD pod, you have 4.5mL of capacity.

On top of being a great looking, smaller device (oh yeah, the RPM is roughly the same size as the SMOK NORD or the Aspire Breeze NXT for reference), SMOK has really kicked up their game with this unit. Finally, a device that is truly yours to control. 

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