• Unraveling the Mystery of Decoded

    Welcome back, monkey fam! We're here to talk about mysteries during this post, and how you can reveal them. Now there are a lot of mysteries in the world. Stonehenge, the Pyramids, the famous Easter Island Heads, there's just a lot that we don't know. One of the biggest mysteries for me is how Decoded is such an amazing line of juices. No really, I know I said that last time, but hear me out. 

    I'm gonna start with my favorite of the Decoded juices: ATLANTIS. Now, if you encounter me at our retail location, I refer to this juice as the "unsung hero" of the Decoded line. Why? Well imagine that you're having a really bad day (you know, the kind of day where you really just wish you were on a beach, being served drinks at an all inclusive resort while splashing in a reasonably temperate pool) and you just really need a tropical pick me up. Well then, this is for you; the crisp cool pineapple flavor blends imaginatively with ripe blueberries and guava. I don't know why I'm always the person showing it to people for the first time when it is THE LITERAL king of fruit vapes. Sure, it won't take you on an international vacation, but it'll help you unwind from the stresses of the day. 


    Next up would be AREA 51. Now, unlike the Nevada desert, this flavor was made to be refreshing. With a blast of mango, it takes you on an intergalactic journey of flavor, culminating in a gamma burst of lychee with a light hint of papaya on the exhale. Some people get that papaya note on the inhale, but for me I mostly experience it as the tail end of the vapor cloud, gently reminding you that there's more to this juice than meets the eye. Legend holds that if you're abducted by these aliens, the only place they're taking you is Burma, home of the mango!


    RONGORONGO. Now what's up with that? When we brought this flavor in, it was the only flavor name that stumped me (shout-out to Premium Labs for always having their flavors grouped with super cool names--I super dig the Decoded line for their name consistency!). What the heck is a RongoRongo? Well much like the flavor, RongoRongo is a unique combination of glyphs found on Easter Island that have stumped scientists since the 19th century. Decoded's RongoRongo is extremely similar, as it's unique combination of strawberry, cucumber, and citrus "glyphs" leave you wanting for more and more! You'll experience that soothing strawberry on the inhale, with your exhale taking you on a cooling journey of light citrus! Many people substitute this flavor with their menthol flavors, as it has a light cooling effect, but is missing all the typical aspects of a menthol. So if you like menthol, I can almost guarantee you'll love RongoRongo as a switch to your regular vaping flavors. 

    LOCH NESS is a peach yogurt flavor that dances across your palate like only Nessie could. Much like the famed legend, peaches and cream is a classic flavor that you never really forget. This flavor is so popular that it was one of our first Decoded flavors to be added with a 120mL MONSTER option. When you find and fall in love with Nessie, it'll be a secret you hold close to your heart. 


    Creme Brulee is weird. Let's get that out of the way first. Like what is Creme Brulee? How does that work? Why is it so satisfying to crack that hard caramel top with a spoon and get to the gooey custard middle? Why! If you've never experienced the strange deliciousness of a Creme Brulee brunch dessert, fear not, DECODED DAVINCI CODE is waiting for you to discover it. Buttered pecans married together with a delicious brulee finish: go ahead, crack that top and solve that riddle!


    We started with an "unsung hero", and we're finishing with a star. If you haven't heard of DECODED BIG FOOT, then I don't know where you've been. This flavor is as popular as the mystery of Big Foot itself. It's popularity comes from it's amazing execution of a treat we all know and love (AND ARE DEPRIVED OF FOR MOST OF THE YEAR!): mini donuts. You know what I'm talking about. Those little pop-up stands at every carnival and festival, with the lines that wrap around the entire fair itself, and gaggles of individuals lined up to watch those machines poop out little rings of dough that are fried and and covered with delicious, unforgettable brown sugar. Oh yeah, we all know mini donuts, and we all love them. Big Foot is real, at least for us. We see and vape him daily! 


    This post may not have solved any real mysteries in the world, but it certainly has illuminated the mystery around why Decoded is so amazing. We'd love to hear your thoughts on Decoded, and what mysteries you've unraveled with these flavors. Send us a shot on Instagram or Facebook of you discovering Big Foot, catching Nessie the Loch Ness monster, decoding RongoRongo for the first time, or being a part of Area 51. We'd love to hear all about it!


    Cheers, fam, and happy investigating.

    Posted by Liv
  • Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co.: 30 Days of Flavor

    Hi there, thanks so much for joining us as we start our new monkey-venture with online blogging. Steeped Monkey Brains has come a long way since our opening in December of 2014, from growing from a strictly online store, to having the wonderful retail location that we monkey around in every day! Things certainly have changed around here.

    We encourage you to engage with our blog, comment and add your input to our posts, and help us to grow and expand our topics with your vaping expertise and experience. Join the community and start a conversation!

    For the next 30 days, all of us here at Steeped Monkey Brains will be conversing on our favorite flavors and vapes to share with all of you, who've helped make this monkey dream a reality.



    To start, I want to share with you one of the brands that really define vaping as a whole. When new users think of vaping, they're probably thinking of a break from the incessant smell and taste of cigarettes. A big draw towards vaping is the simple fact that it gives you the option to expand your horizons in terms of flavor. You're in no way limited to the flavors available to you as a vaper. I don't know how many times I've laughed, “I'm not sure I would vape that!” (Far East Flavor's “Green Tea Mochi” is one of those flavors—I have to admit that it is spot on for flavor, and I have a bottle at home!) If you're a new user, or even a veteran, it's almost guaranteed that you'll enjoy at least one flavor from Twelve Monkeys Vape Co.

    Twelve Monkeys first line “Discovery” introduced the scene to two mind-blowing flavors that deserve a massive shout-out. “Tropika” is a mind-blowing tropical fruit medley, with no indication to it's specific fruit flavor profiles. When I first started vaping, “Tropika” was my go to juice, and at 12mgs of nicotine, it was the smoothest and most flavorful vape I've ever tried in a high nicotine content. Years after it's first release, “Tropika” is still on the tip of the tongue—and cotton—of many vapers.

    Now, I have to admit, I'm a little jaded to the strawberries and cream concoction many vapers know and love, but if there is any strawberry and cream vape that takes the cake, it would be “Congo Cream”. Lightly balanced on a cloud of vanilla creams, this intoxicating medley of flavor is a go to for our friends down under! 

    Twelve Monkey's then released their next lineup of three flavors, “Intelligence”. They certainly did they're research and intuitively grasped what the vape world needed at the time. Now while “Kanzi” and “Mangabeys” deserve honourable mentions for top-notch flavors, I need to have a little sit down chat about “O-Rangz”.

    “O-Rangz” was—and still is—my first All Day Vape (ADV). Now, it takes a lot of time for most people to find that one flavor that they can continuously go back to time and time again and have it be as amazing as the first time. I was lucky enough that when we first brought in “Intelligence” by Twelve Monkeys, I tried “O-Rangz” first.

    How to describe what I was met with? Should I describe the almost perfect blend of cream and bottom of the bowl cereal milk? How you could individually pick out the fruit cereal flavors with every inhale and exhale? Was it the thick, impressive clouds? Perhaps it was that I could drip this flavor and put it through my tank and still get the perfect flavor I expected? Maybe it was that this incredibly flavorful juice didn't ruin my coils or my freshly wicked dripping cotton. Whatever the case may be, “O-Rangz” is a juice I will recommend to literally anyone looking for their ADV, or even just a good, consistent, pleasant vape experience.

    Finally, in the winter of 2016, “Triumph” the third line from Twelve Monkeys released. Vapers from across the world were waiting with baited breath for this exciting development from the amazing Canadian based company: we were not disappointed. “Macaraz”, “Matata”, and “Bonogurt” splashed into the tanks of vapers far and wide overnight, and received wicked good reviews across the board on all three flavors.

    “Macaraz” took Twelve Monkeys to the next level on flavor and vapor production, and is my personal favourite of the new “Triumph” line. Combining the pastry of a macron, with tart raspberry and creamy almonds. This is a juice I carry with me everywhere I go, along with “O-Rangz”.

    “Matata” is a classic twist on “Kanzi”, which was the popular candy/fruit flavor from the “Intelligence” line. “Matata” combined white grapes with ripe apples to create a delicious candied apple vape that sweet-tooth’s everywhere loved. 

    Finally, “Bonogurt” is a tart yogurt with mixed field berries. At 80VG, it gets massive clouds and dense flavor for the most on-point yogurt mix on the market today. 

    Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. has been leading the Ejuice scene in terms of reliable, on point flavors for every vaping style and flavor profile available. It's hard to find any vaper who hasn't tried at least one of these 8 flavors and loved it. While the vaping scene in Canada, and across the globe, continues to evolve, Twelve Monkeys has been on the forefront of the scene matching economically priced Ejuices with the flavor every vaper deserves. So, in closing, welcome to 30 days of flavor, brought to you by Steeped Monkey Brains—and all of our staff both online and in-store—and we'd like to ask you, from our friends at Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co.

    “Vaping has evolved. Have you?”

    Try all 8 delicious flavors now! 


    Posted by Liv